Past investigations and a brief history of each.

Gold Mine Haunting
In the East Mojave Desert (-116.35642, 35.02668) there is an unnamed gold and copper mine with an adit that runs about 65 feet into the hill. The adit is within Afton Canyon, near a camping site where families pause for a night or two when they travel between Las Vegas, Nevada, and Los Angeles, California. Residents (generally, "fast food" workers) of the near-by town named "Baker" have heard travellers tell about a ghost wailing, crying, and calling for help from within the tunnel; the stories also tell about travellers entering the tunnel to render help, only to find no one inside. More curiously, people entering to render that help have found the tunnel empty while still hearing the calls for help, and what appears to be the sounds of a person sobbing.

When we were asked to investigate, the first thing we did was examine a map of the area, and we studied the geography and human-constructed infrastructure of the area. We then gathered our simple supplies and went to investigate. We had some ideas to test.

Parking at the camp site, we packed our gear on our backs and hiked eastward to the mine. At the mine we set up a digital recording device (USB powered Samson C03U microphone with pop filter, wind filter, and lap-top computer), switched the microphone for a toroidal pattern pick-up, and aimed the microphone at the tunnel entrance. We then sat on the ground outside quietly, waiting.

After 88 minutes of waiting, wherein we reset the recording device six times, we heard a very faint sound like a human being crying, punctuated with what seemed to be human words now and then. On the lap top WAV image we saw a very faint wiggle, as the microphone also picked up the noise.

While the apparent crying continued, one of us quietly walked inside the tunnel to where the tunnel ended, and then walked out and reported that the sound was much louder and clearer about six feet from the end. As he said this, the faint sound faded.

We moved our recording device into the adit, placed near the ground about six feet from the end of the tunnel. One of us stayed inside at the computer to reset the WAV recorder, while the other stayed at the tunnel entrance with binoculars.

44 minutes later the recording device started to pick up the sound again, and both investigators heard faint sounds of crying and what sounded like human language. The investigator outside looked southward with his binoculars and noted a Union Pacific freight train passing through the canyon, and when he judged that the train had reached its closest point directly in line with the tunnel he said quietly "Now." Both investigators then waited for the sound to fade away, and the investigator inside shut off the recording device.

Examining the WAV form amplitude, the "crying" and "human word sounds" peaked a few seconds after the investigator had said "Now," after the preceding rise, and before the subsequent fall.

Conclusion: Geological amplification of a distant freight train.

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