Santa Fe Paranormal Investigations was formed by five people who live in and around Northern New Mexico, with the goal of examining events that enquirers believe to be paranormal in nature (or otherwise extraordinary). The founders saw a need to approach the subject critically, with no preconceptions about if there are, or are not, such things as paranormal events. Almost all of the groups, individuals, and "paranormal enthusiasts" in New Mexico are very strongly biased in the belief that the paranormal exists and that paranormal events happen; we saw the need to offer an unbiased approach for people who ask us to examine what they believe to be a paranormal event, with opened minds and without either accepting or rejecting any conclusion before examining an event or investigating an inquiry.

Two of the five founders have relocated out of the area, and they are no longer available to contribute to investigations. Three of us are left, but now and then we get volunteers to help and offer suggestions on the rare cases when we receive an inquiry that piques our interest.

We do not use silly gadgets such as infra-red temperature probes, electromagnetic spectrum "EMF" scanners, lasers, thermal-sensing cameras, motion detectors, "EPV recorders," night-vision goggles, "trigger props," dowsing rods, holy water, burning sage, or pendulums: we use a digital sound recorder, a pad of paper, a ballpoint pen, binoculars, magnifying glass, and our brains.

For examples of "what we do," please see our history page.